Does DealDash make excessive profits from their auctions?

No. Auctions that get the most bids and last for hours get the most attention on the frontpage. Simultaneously the best deals are made in auctions that end quickly, and vanish from the frontpage in minutes. A small fraction of these super deals made are featured regularly in our weekly blog. In fact, contrary to popular belief DealDash loses money on most auctions they run. This is what makes the auctions thrilling for the bidders on the site, and the massive savings for the auction winners possible. Additionally, DealDash offers the bidders the option to receive ALL their bids back if you just buy the item at its normal price. In the end it all balances out and the profits DealDash makes are comparable to those of traditional webshops, while still being able to offer hundreds of auction winners amazing 95% off bargains every day.

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